Udemy Free Online Courses in Multiple Fields

Udemy free online courses are provided by Udemy Inc. that is an education technology company that provides an online learning and teaching platform.

Udemy Inc.

Online learning and teaching platforms are offered by Udemy Inc., a company in the education technology sector. By March 2023, the site had 62 million users, over 210,000 courses, more than 70,000 instructors, and approximately 75 different languages being taught by more than 830 million students.

Udemy Free Online Courses in Multiple Fields
Udemy Free Online Courses in Multiple Fields

Over half of the Fortune 100 are among the nearly 14,400 Udemy Business users who have signed up. More than 22,000 courses are available to Udemy Business subscribers, more than 9,000 of which are in English.

With hubs in Denver, Colorado, Dublin, Ireland, Ankara, Turkey, So Paulo, Brazil, and Gurugram, India, Udemy has its headquarters in San Francisco, California.

Benefits of Udemy Free Online Courses

Students typically enroll in courses to develop career-related skills. For some courses, you can get technical certification credits. Corporate educators that want to provide courses for their organization’s employees are drawn to Udemy. Also, a number of these courses are free of cost.

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How to Enroll for Udemy Free Online Courses

On its platform, Udemy does provide both paid and free courses. Udemy offers a variety of free courses on a variety of subjects in addition to a large number of commercial courses.

Depending on the instructor, Udemy courses can be paid for or offered for free. You can use the procedures below to search and enroll in Udemy Free Online Courses:

Go to Udemy’s official website.

  • Enter a keyword or subject associated with the course you are interested in in the search bar at the top of the page.
  • You can filter the results on the search results page by choosing the “Free” option under the “Price” filter on the website’s left-hand side. Only courses that are free and connected to your search will be shown.
  • Browse through the available courses, and then click on the one that interests you to see more information about it, such as the syllabus and reviews and ratings.
  • If you locate a course you’d want to enroll in, click on it, then select “Enrol Now” to get free access.

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