Bayer Foundation Fellowships For Masters, PhD and Medical Students

The purpose of Bayer Foundation Fellowships is to present exceptional chances for both professional and personal growth, as well as to encourage interdisciplinary interaction and collaboration across boundaries and organizations.

Outstanding master’s, doctoral, and medical students can apply for three fellowships from the Bayer Foundation to support their worldwide research projects, internships, and other activities. By offering additional funds for overseas postings or research projects that complement ongoing or upcoming scientific studies, these fellowships aim to improve already-established study programs.

Host CountryGermany
Host InstituteSeveral
LevelMasters, PhD and Medical Students
Eligible NationalityAll
Benefitsup to10,000 euros.
Duration2- week to 6 months
Closing DateApril 8th, 2024
Summary of Bayer Foundation Fellowships

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Bayer Foundation Fellowships For Masters, PhD and Medical Students
Bayer Foundation Fellowships For Masters, PhD and Medical Students

Bayer Foundation

The goal of the Bayer Foundation is to find, assist, and empower individuals who have the power to create a more just and better tomorrow by helping them reach their full potential.

The mission of the Bayer Foundation is to spur scientific and social innovation advancements in order to achieve universal health and zero hunger. Without scientific and social innovation, progress cannot be considered meaningful. Scientific advancements and fundamental research serve as the cornerstones of growth. Social innovators improve people’s lives and communities in tangible and sustainable ways.

Bayer Foundation Fellowships For Masters, PhD and Medical Students

The Bayer Foundation provides a range of fellowships to deserving professionals, researchers, and students working in the biological sciences, chemistry, medicine, and allied subjects. The goals of these fellowships are to advance excellence in science, international cooperation, and creative research. The following are a few of the Bayer Foundation fellowships:

Otto Bayer Scholarship Program: This program provides financial aid to deserving undergraduates majoring in chemistry, biology, biochemistry, biotechnology, and pharmacology. The program offers chances for internships at Bayer AG in addition to financial support.

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Carl Duisberg Fellowships for Medical Sciences: Scholarships in the natural sciences, engineering, agriculture, medicine, and business administration are awarded by the Carl Duisberg Foundation. They provide funding for research endeavors, study tours, and internships in Germany and elsewhere.

Jeff Schell Fellowships for Agricultural Sciences: Doctorate students pursuing studies in biology, biochemistry, biotechnology, pharmacology, and chemistry are eligible to apply for the Jeff Schell Scholarship. It offers financial assistance for studies and cross-border partnerships.

Benefits of Bayer Foundation Fellowships

Following are the benefits of the Bayer Foundation Fellowships:

  • For a single fellowship, the maximum financing is 10,000 euros.
  • Fellowships from the Bayer Foundation may be paired with funds from other sources.
  • Activities may only take up to six months to complete with funding.

Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria for different Bayer Foundation Fellowships is given below:

  • To be eligible for the Otto Bayer Fellowships for Drug Discovery Sciences, candidates must be pursuing an MSc or PhD in natural science, pharmacy, or data science, or an equivalent program.
    Postdoctoral researchers and bachelor’s degree candidates are not eligible.
  • To be eligible for the Jeff Schell Fellowships for Agricultural Sciences, candidates must be pursuing an MSc, PhD, or an equivalent degree in data science or natural science.
    Postdoctoral researchers and bachelor’s degree candidates are not eligible.
  • To be eligible for the Carl Duisberg Fellowships for Medical Sciences, applicants must be pursuing a degree in medical engineering, applied medical sciences, public health, veterinary medicine, or data science in medicine, or be pursuing an MSc or PhD (or equivalent).
    Ineligible candidates include bachelor’s degree holders and postdoctoral researchers in medical engineering, applied medical science, public health, and data science in medicine.
  • Applications must be made in English.
  • English must be used for uploading all papers.

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*To be considered for both the Jeff Schell Fellowship in Agriculture Sciences (for example, synthetic chemistry) and the Otto Bayer Fellowship for Drug Discovery Sciences, please check the appropriate box on the application form that says “Otto Bayer & Jeff Schell.” Each of the two categories will give your application some thought.

Documents/Material Required to Apply

Bayer Foundation Fellowships requests an approximation of the costs in the application. Anticipate that proposals will only include charges that are necessary to carry out your suggested activity and will be affordable.

  • CV
  • host institute experience
  • Project description
  • Personal statement
  • Description of the potential relevance

Deadline and Other Important Dates

Following are the important dates for Bayer Foundation Fellowships:

  • The application portal expires on April 9th, 2024; applications can be submitted between February 12th and April 8th, 2024.
  • Fellowships must begin between July 22, 2024, and June 30, 2025. Applicants will be notified of the status of their fellowship application by June 24th, 2024. 
  • Funds for contracts completed and returned without error before July 5th, 2024, will be transferred from our accounts on July 22nd. 
  • All remaining funds will be transferred before August 14th, 2024.

Application Procedure

Following steps are to be followed to apply for Bayer Foundation Fellowships:

  • All applications must be submitted electronically using the application portal; submissions through email, letter, etc., will not be accepted.
  • Applications that are inaccurate, lacking, or outside of the parameters will not be accepted.
  • Each call for applications should only be made once. If more than one application is made, all submissions will be declined.

For more details about Bayer Foundation Fellowships, visit here.

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