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CS507 Handouts | Information Systems

The title of the course CS507 is Information Systems. The course level is Undergraduate, and Credit hours for the theory are 3. CS101, CS403, and IT430  have been defined as prerequisites of this course.

CS507 Course Outline

The student is introduced to computer-based information systems in this course. This course will teach you about various system kinds, their components, SDLC, and SDLC models. Additionally, you’ll study information system security, virus protection, and design methodologies. You will also study about risk management and e-commerce in addition to these subjects.

Topics covered in this article are Defining Needs, Unique Attributes of Organization, System Vs Procedures, Support System, Online Analytical Processing, Accounting & Financial Information Systems, Planning for System Development, and Systems Development Life Cycle.

It also covers System Analysis, Entity Relationship Diagram, Security of Information Systems, Viruses, Antivirus software, Types of Controls, Web Security, Factors Encouraging Internet Attacks, E-commerce, Change Management, and the Importance of ethics in IS, etc.

CS507 Handouts

CS507 handouts are available on the link CS507 Handouts

CS507 Past Papers

CS507 Midterm Past Papers

CS507 midterm past papers are available on CS507 Handouts

CS507 Final Term Past Papers

CS507 final term past papers are available on CS507 Handouts

CS507 Assignments

CS507 Assignment1

CS507 assignment1 is available on CS507 Handouts

CS507 Assignment2

CS507 assignment2 is available on CS507 Handouts

Course Learning Outcome

You should be able to:

  • After the course, recognize the function and use of technology in business systems and operations.
  • Describe the different sorts of organizations and their structures.
  • Identify and define the organizational structure and business processes that exist inside it.
  • Use your expertise to create a good electronic file storage system for a firm.
  • Demonstrate a grasp of the system design and development process.
  • Determine the underlying concepts of e-commerce and how they apply to business.
  • Describe various general commercial and personal data communications technology applications.
  • In the industry, implement information systems.

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