CS508 Handouts, Assignments, Midterm & Final Term Past Papers

CS508 Handouts

The title of the course CS508 is Modern Programming Languages. The course level is Undergraduate, and Credit hours for theory are 3. CS201 has been defined as a prerequisite of this course.

CS508 Course Outline

Helping practical students grasp programming languages at an unfamiliar degree of abstraction is the difficulty of a course on programming language ideas.

This course offers enough practical programming tasks and examples to inspire students whose main interest in computing is practical, to help meet this challenge.

Future development languages are additionally covered in this session. In essence, it is intended to get pupils to consider various Modern programming language principles.

CS508 Handouts

CS508 handouts are available on the link CS508 Handouts

CS508 Past Papers

CS508 Midterm Past Papers

CS508 midterm past papers are available on CS508 Handouts

CS508 Final Term Past Papers

CS508 final term past papers are available on CS508 Handouts

CS508 Assignments & Solutions

CS508 Assignment 1 Solution

CS508 Assignment 1 solution will be available soon.

CS508 Assignment 2 Solution

CS508 Assignment 2 solution will be available soon.

Course Learning Outcomes

  • Explain the goals of programming and software development.
  • List and describe the most common operators.
  • Implement multiple programming languages’ control structures.
  • Object-oriented programming approaches should be used.
  • For each software project, choose the suitable language.
  • Compare the assessment criterion of computer languages.

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