Fully Funded ISTA Scholarships without IELTS for PhD Students in Austria

The Institute of Science and Technology Austria (ISTA) provides distinguished ISTA Scholarships to PhD candidates, providing a rare chance to conduct advanced research in the natural and mathematical sciences. These scholarships are intended to attract brilliant and motivated students from all over the world by providing complete financial support, including tuition and a competitive stipend.

At ISTA, PhD students conduct cutting-edge multidisciplinary research under the supervision of renowned scientists, while benefiting from cutting-edge facilities and a lively international academic community. The program’s goal is to develop the next generation of scientific leaders through rigorous training, mentoring, and collaboration across multiple scientific disciplines.

Host CountryAustria
Host InstituteInstitute of Science and Technology Austria
Eligible NationalityAll
Age LimitThere is no age limit
Fellowship TypeFully Funded
No. of Positions60 students per cohort usually
Duration5 year
Opening Date15 Oct 2024
Closing Date15 Jan 2025
Summary of ISTA Scholarships without IELTS for PhD Students in Austria

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ISTA Scholarships without IELTS for PhD Students in Austria

ISTA PhD Program

The ISTA PhD program seeks to generate scientists who are open-minded, inquisitive, and broad-minded. These scientists should also be able to work with a variety of scientists and tackle challenges from multiple perspectives. In order to do this, our students finish a cutting-edge interdisciplinary training program that combines teaching and research components, and they get close mentoring from top-notch academics from many fields. The average student finishes their education in 4.5–6 years.

The PhD program comprises two distinct phases:

  • Phase I: Before the qualifying exam
  • Phase II: After the qualifying exam


In the first stage, learners:

  • Perform three two-month-long research rotations with three distinct research groups.
  • Identify a PhD advisor who is an ISTA professor.
  • Form a thesis committee with the following members: the supervisor(s) and two additional people (at least one of whom needs to be outside the thesis committee).
  • Complete and pass the qualifying exam, which comprises of the following: an oral defense of the thesis proposal and an oral examination concerning the thesis proposal and reading list.
  • Meet the prerequisites for the course and credits (details below).


Following successful completion of the qualifying exam, students focus mostly on their PhD thesis research. The specific requirements for the thesis differ depending on the subject, but generally speaking, students collaborate closely with their supervisor and/or the other members of the research group to create high-caliber original research and significantly advance the knowledge of a particular research area.

Prior to graduating, Phase II students are required to provide teaching assistance (TA) for a minimum of one half-semester course. Along with their thesis committee members and supervisor(s), they also do joint biannual progress evaluations.

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ISTA Scholarships without IELTS

ISTA employs PhD candidates. Their activities before the qualifying exam include coursework, research group rotation projects, and qualifying exam preparation. After passing the qualifying exam, students work in one or more research groups to complete their PhD thesis projects, and they may also help with instructional duties.

It is not necessary to submit an official English proficiency certificate (TOEFL, CPE, or IELTS) for ISTA Scholarships. The entire program is presented in English. Thus, it is necessary and expected that one be proficient in both written and spoken English.

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Benefits of the ISTA Scholarships without IELTS

Internationally competitive salaries and full social security coverage are provided to all PhD candidates. During their studies, students are also given financial assistance to attend workshops and scientific conferences.

  • Employment contracts for five years are granted to all pupils. Depending on the nature of the research, students may request a one-year contract extension or complete their degree sooner—in four or five years. Up to the time of their thesis defense, all students who are making appropriate progress are completely supported.
  • On the ISTA campus, housing is offered. If international students decide to reside on campus, they are given preference.
  • Students might also receive financial assistance to pay the cost of their travel to scientific conferences and workshops.
  • There are no tuition fees associated with ISTA.

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Eligibility Criteria

To apply for the ISTA Scholarships, candidates must fulfill the following criteria:

  • Foreign students are welcome to apply; ISTA does not impose any cap on them.
  • You must hold a bachelor’s or master’s degree in science in order to enroll in ISTA’s PhD program. When you apply, you’ll be required to provide documentation of your prior degree or degree.
  • The following (or comparable multidisciplinary) bachelor’s and master’s degree holders are eligible to apply:
    • Biology
    • Computer Science
    • Chemistry
    • Neuroscience
    • Mathematics
    • Physics
    • and interdisciplinary or related areas
  • You can apply even if you haven’t finished your studies yet, but you have to complete your specified course of study before the PhD program in Austria begins (15 September in the application year).
  • It is necessary to convert ALL transcripts into English.
  • There is no upper age limit for ISTA.
  • Additionally, you must communicate both orally and in writing in English.

Documents/Material Required to Apply

The following documents are required to apply for ISTA Scholarships:

  • CV
  • Statement of purpose
  • Transcripts: All degree programs, years of attendance, and current enrollment at the university, together with transcripts and diplomas (in original language and in English)
  • Three referees‘ contact details
  • All required documents must be English translated, and uploaded in their original language are copies of university transcripts.

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Deadline for ISTA Scholarships

The call for applications for the program’s 2024 Intake is now closed. The application time for a start in September 2025 will be from the second half of October 2024 until early January 2025.

Application Procedure

ISTA seeks highly qualified candidates to apply for the Ph.D. program at the Institute of Science and Technology Austria. In order to apply for ISTA Scholarships, you need to first sign up online. This will let you follow the progress of your application through each step.

  • Prepare Application Materials: Prepare the documents mentioned above in advance.
  • Complete the Application Form: on a desktop computer, complete the form through a web browser. There is no support for web browsers on mobile devices, such as Android, iPhone, iPad, and so on.
  • Submit the Application: Check that all the information on the application is accurate and that all the necessary documents are attached before submitting. Please ensure that your application is submitted by the deadline. Applications that arrive late are typically not accepted.
  • Follow-up: You ought to get an email or notification confirmation after submitting. Await the scholarship committee’s assessment of your submission. Results notification may come in several weeks or months.

For more details and to apply for ISTA Scholarships visit the official website.

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