MIU City University Miami Scholarships for International Students in USA

With a focus on lowering financial obstacles to higher education, MIU City University Miami Scholarships honor candidates who exhibit outstanding academic success, the capacity for leadership, and a dedication to community service. MIU City University Miami works to provide every student with the opportunity to pursue their aspirations and succeed in their chosen fields of study by offering a wide range of scholarship possibilities.

Host CountryUSA
Host InstituteMIU City University Miami
LevelUndergraduate, Graduate
Eligible NationalityInternational
Fellowship TypeFunded
BenefitsVary according to scholarship program
Summary of MIU City University Miami Scholarships for International Students

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Scholarship Hub

The MIU Scholarship Committee is in charge of reviewing applicants for scholarships as well as allocating, amending, and withdrawing them.

A number of variables may determine a candidate’s eligibility for a scholarship. The Scholarship Committee will review the applications once the Admissions Director has gathered all the necessary paperwork and given the students’ information.

MIU City University Miami (MIU)

Official undergraduate and graduate courses are available both on campus and virtually at MIU City University Miami (MIU), an innovative American university with its headquarters located in Miami, Florida. MIU is committed to advancing worldwide research in the service of societal changes and advancement, as well as innovation in learning technologies and techniques.

MIU City University Miami Scholarships for International Students in USA
MIU City University Miami Scholarships for International Students in USA

MIU City University Miami Scholarships

For students who meet the prerequisites and are eligible, MIU City University Miami offers many scholarships each semester. Every scholarship is given for the duration of the student’s program.

MIU Miami provides the ensuing financial awards:

  • European, African, Asian, and Middle East undergraduate and graduate scholarship
  • Military and veterans scholarship
  • Excellence scholarships
  • Gifted and talented scholarship
  • Merit based undergraduate and graduate scholarship
  • US working professional residents and citizens student scholarship
  • Cooperation agreement between the general secretariat of the organization of American states (OAS), through the department of human development, education and employment and MIU City University Miami
  • MESCYT and MIU scholarship for students from the Dominican Republic
  • Hispanic undergraduate scholarship
  • Global leaders’ scholarship
  • Hispanic Latin American professional students’ scholarships

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European, African, Asian, Latin American And Middle East Undergraduate And Graduate Scholarship

For candidates who have successfully completed their secondary or higher education at an accredited institution in Europe, Africa, Asia, Latin America, or the Middle East and who want to continue their studies at MIU City University Miami online, MIU offers scholarships worth 10% to 50% of the tuition fee.

  • Maximum number of scholarships awarded each intake: 75

US Working Professional Residents And Citizens Student Scholarships

MIU recognizes that tuition cost is a major factor for adult students when they make the decision to return to college to finish or obtain a new degree. For this reason, MIU awards scholarships for between 10% and 50% of the cost of tuition for working US citizens and residents who wish to enrol in an ONLINE program. In order to apply for this scholarship, candidates must send proof of citizenship or residency in the US (US passport, Driver License or ID) and their resume, showing a minimum of 2 years of professional experience.

  • Maximum scholarships to be grant per intake: 50

MESCYT And MIU Scholarship For Students From The Dominican Republic

A full scholarship for the officially recognized Master of Education Leadership, Management, and New Technologies ONLINE program at MIU City University Miami is available thanks to a partnership between MIU and the Ministry of Higher Education, Science, and Technology’s (MESCYT) International Scholarship Program. Furthermore, the scholarships made possible by this collaboration are meant to help Dominican Republic-based exceptional students who aspire to advance their careers by earning a higher education.

This grant, which covers 100% tuition and the graduation fee for the Master of Educational Leadership program at MIU, is available.

For more details about MIU City University Miami Scholarships, visit official website.

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