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The title of the course MCM101 is INTRODUCTION TO MASS COMMUNICATION. The course level is Undergraduate, Credit hours for theory are 3, and there is no particular pre-requisite of this course has been defined.

MCM101 Course Outline

This course tries to define communication, including its forms and social significance. After completing this course, students will be able to trace the origins and advancement of the various forms of mass communication.

The main objective will be to learn the fundamental mass communication theories and models. Additionally, it sheds light on the numerous aspects of mass communication and how they operate, such as public relations and advertising.

The focus is also on modern mass communication tools and how they have altered our understanding of what it means to communicate. Students will research the origins, advancements, and social implications of TV, radio, and the internet, paying particular attention to the subcontinent.

MCM101 Course Handouts

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