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MCM 301

The title of the course MCM301 is  Communication Skills. The course level is Undergraduate, credit hours for theory are 3, and pre requisites of this course include ENG101, ENG201, and MCM101.

MCM301 Course Outline

The curriculum for the course is designed using successful communication techniques, approaches, and material. In order to express ideas clearly and effectively to others, it will highlight the significance of strong written and vocal communication abilities.

It imparts knowledge and awareness of conflict resolution techniques (interpersonal, group, and organizational ), including negotiation and debate, and persuasion abilities, including logical reasoning and argument.

It provides a thorough understanding of the communication process, removing barriers to communication, interpersonal communication, group communication, giving an effective speech, honing listening skills, handling and responding to questions and answers, putting together effective business writing, and creating persuasive messages and resume writing.

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