Fully Funded Rhodes Scholarship at Oxford University England

The Rhodes Scholarship is a fully funded, full-time postgraduate award that allows talented young people from all over the world to study at Oxford. Rhodes Scholars spend two or more years in the UK and can apply to most full-time postgraduate courses at Oxford University.

Host CountryUK
Host InstituteUniversity of Oxford
Funding OrganizationRhodes Trust
Funding TypeFully Funded
Eligible NationalityAll
Opening Date1 Jun 2024
Closing DateVary for different Regions (Usually August and September)
Summary of Fully Funded Rhodes Scholarship

Oxford University

One of the oldest and most renowned universities in the entire world is the University of Oxford, which is situated in Oxford, England. The oldest university in the English-speaking world, it was founded in 1096. One of the most prestigious and selective universities in the United Kingdom, the University of Oxford consistently ranks among the top universities in the world.

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Six Permanent Private Halls and 38 colleges make up Oxford University. The colleges are in charge of selecting students, supervising their academic and pastoral needs, and managing their enrollment. Academic research and teaching are the responsibilities of the university as a whole, which also grants undergraduate and graduate degrees in a variety of subject areas.

The humanities and social sciences programs at Oxford are particularly well-known, as is the university’s emphasis on research. Numerous notable alumni have come from it, such as 30 Nobel laureates, 27 British Prime Ministers, and numerous other well-known figures in business, politics, and the arts.

Rhodes Scholarship at Oxford University

The Rhodes Scholarship is one of the oldest and most prestigious international scholarship programs in the world. It was established in 1902 in accordance with the will of Cecil Rhodes, a British businessman, and politician who believed that future world leaders should be educated at the University of Oxford in England.

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Fully Funded Rhodes Scholarship at Oxford University England
Fully Funded Rhodes Scholarship at Oxford University England

Benefits of the Rhodes Scholarship

The Rhodes Scholarship covers course fees at Oxford University as well as an annual stipend. The stipend is £18,180 per year (£1,515 per month), from which Scholars pay all living expenses, including housing.

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Following selection for the Scholarship, the Rhodes Trust will pay the application fee to the University of Oxford. The Trust will pay for the student visa fee as well as the International Health Surcharge (IHS), which allows international students to use the UK’s National Health Service. The Rhodes Trust will pay for two economy-class flights to and from the United Kingdom at the start and end of their studies in Oxford.

Scholars receive a settling-in allowance upon arrival in Oxford, and those who progress to a second course of study in Oxford will receive assistance to cover the fee for visa renewal and further application for IHS.


The Scholarship has a two-year basic term, subject to satisfactory academic performance and personal conduct. Scholars may apply for a third year of Scholarship to complete the DPhil in certain cases, at the discretion of the Academic Committee of the Rhodes Trust and the Rhodes Trustees.

Eligibility Criteria

Depending on the constituency you are looking for, there are subtle differences in the eligibility requirements, application procedures, and selection process. However, the general criteria are as under:

  • Education:
    • Have you either passed an Intermediate, A-level, or comparable school or college leaving exam at a school or college in your nation, OR
    • have earned or will earn an undergraduate degree from a local university?
    • Will you have earned an undergraduate degree by July 2024 (often a bachelor’s degree) with a record of achievement and grade that, at the very least, satisfies or surpasses the exact entry requirements of the full-time program you have chosen at the University of Oxford?
    • Educational requirement details here
  • Age:
    • If you were born between 1 October 2000 and 2 October 2006, you must be between the ages of 18 and 23 on October 1, 2024. OR
    • (for elderly candidates who waited longer than typical to finish their first college degree) You must have been born after October 1, 1997, be under the age of 27 on October 1, 2024, and must have earned your first undergraduate degree on or after October 1, 2023,*.

Selection Criteria

  • literary and academic achievements (academic excellence)
  • the drive to maximize one’s abilities (as demonstrated by mastery in areas such as sports, music, debate, dance, theatre, and artistic pursuits, particularly where teamwork is involved)
  • truth, courage, duty, sympathy for and protection of the weak, kindness, selflessness, and fellowship
  • Moral character and instincts to lead and care for one’s fellow beings.

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The deadlines to apply for Fully Funded Rhodes Scholarships, may vary depending upon the region from where you belong. The scholarships usually open in June/July every year. The closing date varies from August to the end of September, according to locality.

  • USA: 23:59, Eastern Time, 04 October 2024
  • Canada: 28 September 2024
  • Saudi Arabia: 21 September 2024
  • Europe, Asia: 1 August
  • Africa: 1 August
  • Nigeria: 28 August 2024
  • Australia: 8 September 

How to Apply

Applications for Rhodes Scholarships are open now for study beginning in October 2024. Prepare yourself to apply at Oxford University. To check your eligibility and apply select your country and proceed. To apply for the Fully Funded Rhodes Scholarship, follow the steps given below:

  • Go to the Rhodes Scholarship official website
  • Click on “Check Your Eligibility” under “Check Your Eligibility and Apply”
  • Enter your country name under “Your country” and proceed.
  • Answer the few simple Yes/No options and
  • Click “Continue”
  • There will open a page showing your eligibility status
  • If eligible, go for “Find Out More and Apply”
  • Check the deadline for your country and
  • go for the “Apply Now” button there.
  • To make an account, go for “Register” or “Login” if you already have one.

Apply for RHODES Scholarships

Keep in mind that the admissions process at Oxford is highly competitive, so it’s important to prepare thoroughly and present yourself in the best possible light. Preparing to apply to Oxford University is a rigorous process that requires dedication and hard work. The first step is to research the university’s admissions requirements and academic programs to determine which ones align with your goals and interests. In addition to academic excellence, Oxford also values extracurricular activities, leadership skills, and community involvement.

Apply for Admission to Oxford University

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