CS101 Handouts, Assignments, Midterm & Final Term Past Papers

CS101 Handouts, Midterm, Final Term Past Papers

CS101 Course Outline

Beginners should take this computer science introduction course. Along with taking the participants on a quick tour of computing history, the course gives them a taste of web programming through a series of lectures that assist them in creating their web page.

The course’s primary goals are:

  1. To increase understanding of the basic principles of computing
  2. To gain a basic knowledge of Web page construction.
  3. To become acquainted with well-known PC productivity programs.

CS101 Handouts

CS101 handouts are available on the link CS101 Handouts

CS101 Past Papers

CS101 Midterm Past Papers

CS101 midterm past papers are available on CS101 Midterm Past Papers

CS101 Final Term Past Papers

CS101 final term past papers are available on CS101 Final Term Past Papers

CS101 Assignments & Solutions

CS101 Assignment 1 Solution

CS101 assignment 1 solution will be available soon.

CS101 Assignment 2 Solution

CS101 assignment 2 solutions will be available soon.

Course Learning Outcomes

You should be able to comprehend the following by the end of the course:

  • Computer science fundamentals
  • Various hardware components
  • Operating system elements
  • On the web
  • How to create a basic website
  • Essential productivity software includes databases, spreadsheets, presentations, and word processing.

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