CS301 Handouts, Assignments, Midterm & Final Term Past Papers

CS301 Handouts, Assignments, Midterm & Final Term Past Papers

The title of the course CS301 is Data Structures. The course level is Undergraduate, Credit hours for theory are 3, and CS201 has been defined as a prerequisite of this course.

CS301 Course Outline

A typical undergraduate computer science curriculum includes data structures as a core unit, and this course addresses one of the most fundamental subjects in computer science. The course serves as a prerequisite for other courses that will cover more complex content and helps to prepare the students for it.

Well-known data structures like dynamic arrays, linked lists, stacks, queues, trees, heaps, disjoint sets, and tables will be covered in the course. There will be three achievements: (1) Use C++ to implement these structures. (2) Select the suitable structures for different circumstances. (3) Learn new structures with the assurance that goes beyond what is covered in this class

CS301 Handouts

CS301 handouts are available on the link CS301 Handouts

CS301 Past Papers

CS301 Midterm Past Papers

CS301 midterm past papers are available on CS301 Midterm Past Papers

CS301 Final Term Past Papers

CS301 final term past papers are available on CS301 Final Term Past Papers

CS301 Assignments & Solutions

CS301 Assignment 1 Solution

CS301 assignment 1 solution will be available soon.

CS301 Assignment 2 Solution

CS301 assignment 2 solutions will be available soon.

Course Learning Outcomes

You ought to be able to when the course is finished:

  • Recognize abstract data types like queues and lists, etc.
  • Recognize and implement Stack operations.
  • (Push, Pop, is Empty)
  • Utilizing Linked Lists, comprehend and use Queue Operations (Insert, Remove).
  • Explain binary Trees
  • understanding the use of trees and trees with balanced heights

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