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The title of the course CS401 is Computer Architecture and Programming Language. The course level is Undergraduate, and Credit hours for theory are 3. CS101 and CS201 have been defined as prerequisites of this course.

CS401 Course Outline

The primary topics covered in this course are machine-independent assembly language programming and computer systems’ fundamental architecture, including ideas like register structure, memory organization, addressing modes, peripheral organization, and machine-level operations. Assemblers, linkers, and loaders are used to incorporate these ideas.

Students will learn how to link assembly language code with C/C++ programs and how to develop and debug programs using assembly language. Students will also learn fundamental Boolean logic and how it relates to computer hardware and programming.

CS401 Handouts

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Course Learning Outcomes

You ought to be able to when the course is finished:

  • Describe the fundamental capabilities and constraints of computer systems.
  • Describe the principles of computer architecture.
  • Describe the machine-level implementation of arithmetic expressions, loops, and logical structures in high-level languages.
  • Use Assembly language programming to create and debug applications.

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